Sale comes first….and the truth second? Sorry you’ve got the wrong bike shop

Every once in a while I get reminded by the universe that not all things hinge on price, and that the truth in my industry has great value to those who appreciate it.  Having something new or falling for the “oooh shiny” attitude of today’s marketing is not what cycling is about.  For many years now, if you didn’t have the latest product or the newest bike, you wouldn’t be taken seriously, that is changing finally.

People are starting to wake up to the quality of a product rather than just the price, and I think this is a great thing.  Benjamin Franklin once said “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”  – enough said.

A gentlemen came into my shop this morning and we had a long discussion about the nuances and collective goodness of riding a bike.  It was an invigorating conversation, positive and uplifting.  He was riding a vintage 30-year-old steel 7 speed road bike, all bundled up for the cold, happy as a clam.

I appreciate him greatly and all those who enjoy riding a bike simply because…..

I guess what I am saying is, ride what you have, get on and enjoy, all you have to do is let go of the ego and stop pining for what your neighbor or riding buddy has.  Stop listening to the magazines, commercials, and ads.  Carbon, steel, aluminum, titanium, or bamboo, who cares.  If you are new to the sport, get strong, and take the time to learn what you can about the sport.  Find a shop that is willing to share experiences and methods proven out on the road or trail to keep you moving. If you are an avid rider that has been at it for years, take the time and help out the newbie, more than likely he or she doesn’t have the knowledge or skill to really understand what a great sport this is. Give back!

Don’t get me wrong, having a new ride or some new equipment is great, as long it is good quality it will last you for years, but that is not what is important, just get out there and ride, find some peace, and above all have fun.

Just a thought…..

2 thoughts on “Sale comes first….and the truth second? Sorry you’ve got the wrong bike shop

  1. Hi Paul. you couldn’t have said it better. It’s been about 5 years since you set me on my first fit and my first road bike. I’ve tried different shops, I’ve tried different bikes. I’ve come down to it’s not material of the bike, it’s not even about how stiff the darn thing is either. It’s not about the weight. It’s about the dedication of miles gained into the legs and transformation of the body which makes for the performance. The gear is mostly all for show with slight performance. And it helps the rider like his/her bike more by encouraging him/her to ride is even more frequent. I want to say Thank You for “Giving Back” to me with your EXCELLENT service. Your service is precise in mechanics and the fit was perfect for starting me off. You’re a great no hassle, no non-sense kind of shop. Ride the bike in, let Paul fix it up, ride right out. He even provides great conversations while wrenching the bike too.


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