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Onwards and Upwards, right?

So this is our first blog…ever!  I know, it’s hard to believe but it’s true, we’re on virginal ground, lol.  So I was hoping this could be integrated into our new website but unfortunately we had to set up a different site, so hopefully we can stay on top of this as well as the website.

Basically, this part of our site is just to list whatever we have on sale or just to put our musings into the world wide interweb.  We’ll try really hard not to complain as the world is bombarded with enough negativity and hopefully we can share our tips and tricks so that everyone can become a better cyclist, not just for themselves but for others as well.

Thanks for reading!

Simple tips for training indoors

Hey Everyone

As we all whine and complain about the weather, and try to find excuses not to get on the trainer,(though we all know we should) there are a multiple ways to get us on, and keep us from going brain dead on our bikes as our legs spin out the required km.

1.  Mix up the music:  for me music is very motivating on the bike, but keep an ear on the beat and try to match it up with the workout you are doing.  Making a playlist on a streaming music website can really help with motivation and keep your brain awake.

2.  Watch videos:  Movies, documentaries, race videos, whatever tickles your fancy.  Just make sure you aren’t working out on a set of rollers while watching a bicycle racing video, that could end badly.

3.  Read a book:  I know this seems difficult to do, but there are products out there that allow you to lay a book on a handlebar mounted “shelf”.

4.  Silly but true:  Face your trainer and bike in a different direction, I know this sounds a bit hokey but it does work for some people.

5.  A really good fan:  Sweating your butt off is not the measure of a good workout, though a lot of info on the net would say differently.  Keep your temp down and you can work harder.  A good focused fan can make the difference between an enjoyable workout and a very unpleasant wet one.

6.  Goals:  this is harder to pin down, but if you have a epic ride, event, or charity ride it can really help with “doing the work”.  Nobody wants to get caught with their pants down when there is 100 km ride you are not prepared for.

7.  Funky juice:  This works for many of my students, one bottle filled with water, and the other filled with a beverage of your choice, no not beer or wine, more like juices or energy mixes.   Be inventive, vary it up.  Remember though, if you are using energy mixes that contain sugars, that will convert into potentially unwanted calories.

So seven tips so far, and none of them make the ride much easier, but think about all that endurance/power/strength/speed you can gain…. if you just get on and ride.


Van de Velo