Here we grow… sorry I had to say it.

Hey everyone

So finally after all this time (6 years in business) we are able to expand and provide a better experience, more great products, and great service to all our customers.  I am delighted to announce that we are moving to a new and larger location.  The address is 1708 Lakeshore Road West in Mississauga in Clarkson Village, only a few km from our current location.

Why the move?  Simply put, our current location has become too small for the amount of business we are doing on a yearly basis.

What this means for you?  Same great service, same quality bikes and accessories with more variety, and if all goes well, an even better buying experience with the proper support that I feel every cyclist should have from their LBS (Local Bike Shop)

I am excited and proud to have made it this far, a special thanks to our awesome customers,  I hope to see all of you in our new place.  We will be moving within the next month or so but when the dust settles, drop by and say hi when you have a minute to spare.



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